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Bank Cleaning Services in Coimbatore Cleaning services for Bank Pest Control Services for Bank Commercial Cleaning for Banks & Financial Institutions The banking world is competitive and fastpaced, and customers often struggle to see any real benefits in one bank over another. At Total Hygiene we understand this environment and how the little things, like a professionally maintained banking facility, can be crucial for locking down new accounts. Our Janitorial Services for Banks Whether in the waiting room or parking lot, your Total Hygiene operator and the whole THS team support your mission with seamless commercial cleaning and specialized services and benefits for your bank. Cleanliness within a 25 foot perimeter of the bank Entrance door glass Check writing counter tops General cleaning – offices, lobbies, waiting areas, break rooms Maintenance for resilient and non-resilient flooring Hardwood floor maintenance Office and cubicle cleaning including phones and exposed surface disinfection Shampooing carpets using various techniques Interior and exterior window cleaning Cleaning of break rooms especially, microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee makers Dusting and wiping display cases and kiosks ATM cleaning Upholstery cleaning Green cleaning according to LEED standards Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of lavatories Provisioning of all general lavatory supplies Parking lot sweeping and power washing Uniformed day porter services Special event clean-up Total Hygiene has set the standard for commercial cleaning of banks, with our:  Proven quality control processes  Documented procedures and check lists  Commercial cleaners – uniformed with badges  Background checks  Key processes  Insured and bonded  Ability to start regions simultaneously We know appearance matters and THS cares about the image of your facility. When your clients walk through your doors, you want them to enter a banking facility that is fresh, clean, and sanitary. Your setting may be their first impression, and you want it to project a crisp, healthy image of professional competence. THS trains teams to help you create that first impression and make it a lasting one. To request a cleaning service proposal or additional information, please contact us today by calling 99947 69966 or filling out this brief request for proposal form. We Understand Your Financial Institute’s Cleaning Needs To support any of your facility needs, THS is ready to provide solutions. CleanNet has developed specific solutions for banks, including on-demand janitorial services and on-demand pest control and removal services for standalone remote ATMs. . You will have highly motivated cleaning professionals and THS’s experienced quality assurance representatives program to ensure your complete satisfaction with all of your cleaning needs, including: General cleaning – offices, lobbies, public areas Detailed elevator, escalator cleaning Maintenance for resilient and non-resilient flooring Marble Tile Terrazzo Ceramic Granite Concrete Stripping, waxing, and buffing floors Hardwood floor maintenance Shampooing carpets using various techniques Interior and exterior window cleaning Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of lavatories Provisioning of all general lavatory supplies Upholstery cleaning Recycling services Uniformed day porter services Parking lot sweeping and power washing In addition to customized cleaning services, THS provides facility service supplies, consumable supplies, power washing, parking lot sweeping, and handyman services. THS is a solutions-based supplier and will develop on-demand solutions to meet your facility needs.
Ready for reopening- Checklists The following will make the process easier: 1.Set a target reopening date 2.Review your current stock of cleaning products, tools and equipment. 3.Conduct employee training 4.Conduct a thorough cleaning and make it routine 5.Install hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe stations 6.Implement social distancing safeguards. 7.Communicate your processes and precautions We are providing the professional COVID19 Sanitation services to all commercial and residential properties. Please contact - 9994769966
SAMPLE CHECKLIST FOR WORKPLACE HOUSKEEPING This checklist provides the basic requirements for workplace housekeeping. Should a “No” be recorded for any of the below checklist items, immediate follow-up action is necessary to remove the unsafe condition to prevent its reoccurrence. This checklist is non-exhaustive and users are recommended to make the necessary customisation to suit your work processes and conditions at the workplace 1. Work area is clean, tidy and clutter-free. Yes No 2. There are no unnecessary items in the work area. Yes No 3. There are no food and drinks in the work area. Yes No 4. Aisles, walkways, stairways and exits are unobstructed. Yes No 5. There are no objects protruding into aisles and walkways. Yes No 6. No item is placed around emergency equipment (e.g., fire extinguishers, first aid kits). Yes No 7. Floors (e.g., tiles, boards and carpets) are in good condition. Yes No 8. Floors are dry and free from accumulated dust, broken glass and leaks or spills (e.g., oil or water). Yes No 9. Floor markings are highly visible and not faded. Yes No 10. Floor openings or holes are guarded by a cover, grating or guardrail on all sides (except at entrances to stairways or ladders). Yes No We are one of the Best Housekeeping Service Providers in Coimbatore. For Best Housekeeping service for Hospitals Total Hygiene Services.