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School hygiene and Sanitation School children spend about one third of their time either in schools or doing school assignments, during which time they may be exposed to a variety of physical, social and psychological harm. Schools provide an ideal opportunity to detect poor hygiene practice by children. The provision of school hygiene and sanitation ensures the rights of students to acceptable hygiene practices, safe water supply, latrines and a healthy school environment in general. The impact could have further beneficial effects, for example: • Healthy environments facilitate more effective learning. • Opportunities for students to gain life-long positive hygiene behaviours. • Opportunities for increased school enrolment, retention and attendance for girls. We are one of the Best Hygiene Service Provider in the City. Housekeeping Services for Schools Hygiene and Sanitation Services to Schools.
HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES Housekeeping Service in Coimbatore This is vital in any office environment as the core duties of the resident employees are paramount to any organization, and should not be disturbed under any circumstances. Our staff is trained regularly to keep them updated to the latest technologies & information regarding cleaning and facility management. They are taught to be friendly and attentive to their surroundings, and our monthly training sessions teach our housekeeping staff the use of the right chemicals and the correct ratio of dilution to be implemented for all types of office cleaning. In our daily routine services we, ensures attendance of our cleaning staff at the appointed time, with full uniform in order to give the best possible, trouble -free service , without creating any disturbance to the day to day operations of our valued clients. We devote maximum attention in cleaning and perfuming the toilets for, we are aware that the standards of the office is judged by the maintenance of its toilets Our day's work starts with : Sweeping the entire floor area, wet mopping the swept area, dusting of all the furnitures, removing the garbage, cleaning the dustbins, cleaning the toilets and perfuming. Cleaning all the glasses in the main doors and partitions / cubicles. Cobweb cleaning when necessary. Cleaning of the water filters every other day. Manpower Supply : Housekeeping Service in Coimbatore We provide various type of manpower viz service office boy, messenger, Data entry operator, Typist, Receptionist, Tele calling, cheque collection personnel on short term or long term basis for your office. Our manpower supply includes carpenter, plumber, painter, electrician, AC Technician, helpers etc. We wish to State that we have a dedicated, sincere and hard working group of boys/ ladies to carry out any given work to customer's satisfaction. We also take care of guesthouses with our team of housekeeping, catering, security and laundry personnel. Cleaning Methods : Housekeeping Service in Coimbatore • The nature of Soiling • The nature of surface soiled • The properties of cleaning agents suitable for the surface • The best way to clean without dispersing dust to other areas • The process should be cost effective in terms of the cleaning agent and labour time • The method should restore the surface to its original sheen and color Garden Maintenance Housekeeping Service in Coimbatore Having a garden is a much priced possession. The hobby of gardening may be highly beneficial as it reduces the stress and boredom of daily monotonous life and also makes the surroundings beautiful. With the services of an experienced horticulturist, we can provide excellent Gardening Maintenance that suit the fancy and taste of each and every nature lover. Following are the features of these Gardening Services: • Cost effective • Highly fashionable • Client specific • As per the latest market trends