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TERMITES AN EXPENSIVE PEST Best Termite Control Services in Coimbatore Termites are a very expensive Pest. Once they are able to establish routes to get into your home, they convert your house into muddy mass in no matter of time. They damage anything that is made of cellulose. Generally Termites cause structural damage – it could be wooden fixture , Wall paneling, wooden flooring, POP ceilings etc. Termites can swiftly cause lot of damage to your property. If you suspect you have a Termite infestation, it is best to call a Termite Inspection Expert or a Company that deals with termites, as they are Professionally Trained to handle this tough Pest. For your Termite Treatment needs in Coimbatore and Ooty, we are just a call away @ 9994769966.
HOW TERMITES ACCESS AND ATTACK WOODEN CABINETS Best Termite Control Services in Coimbatore Every year termites attack thousands of homes in India including Coimbatore . The property owners spend million of Rupees annually on Termite Treatments and repairing the damages that they cause. Once termites have entered a house, they most often attack cabinets because they can remain undetected there for a longer period of time. They not only cause severe damage to the wooden cupboards but also to the contents lying inside. There are different routes through which termites can gain entry and attack built in wardrobes. In the kitchen or bedrooms where the wooden cabinets are erected on masonary or RCC slabs termites seek direct entry from wall floor junction to wooden cabinets. Termites travel through the concrete slab by following the sanitary pipes in shaft areas. The wooden cupboards and wardrobes fixed in bedrooms and living rooms are equally vulnerable to termite attack. Termites just need 1/64th of an inch to squeeze through a crack or creavice in the foundation and gain entry. Termites can even have an access from behind the wooden paneling without being noticed. They tend to damage paper, books, photo frames, albums, and other items that are kept near these areas. Wooden fixture in Bathroom in the form of mirror frame and wooden cabinets are also common termite targets. The termites gain entry to the bathroom through the sanitary line that passes through the foundation. Termites can prove to be highly destructive to wooden fixture and furniture present in a house. Therefore it is recommended that property owners should have their home inspected regularly by a termite treatment service provider. The termite professionals can identify the signs of termite activity and suggest the remedial measures as they understand termite behavior and habits and can locate the source of infestation. You can avail the our termite inspection services free of cost by calling us at 9994769966 in Coimbatore or visit us at
The best pest control services provider in Coimbatore. Call 9994769966, 7708896568. Is Your Business Giving Pests What They Want? They May Be Small, But Their Cost Can Be Huge Just one pest can have a financial impact on your business, but a larger infestation could cripple your operation’s reputation. And since a few pests can multiply quickly once inside, trying to prevent them from getting in is the key. Entry Points: Pests can enter your business in many ways, including through doors, windows, vents, plumbing, cracks or holes in walls and floors, or via supplier deliveries. Water Sources: Pests require water daily, which means water fountains, restrooms, faulty drains, condensation from air conditioning systems and other types of plumbing are attractive breeding grounds. Food Sources: Even minor sanitation mishaps provide adequate food for pests. Cockroaches will eat almost anything – from hair to glue used in cardboard boxes. Harborage Points: Rodents and cockroaches seek living spaces that are small and dark. Little cracks and crevices throughout your facility can provide breeding and living areas for pests. Customer/Employee Areas: Areas like break rooms are critical exposure points. Protecting your customers and staff from unsightly and unhealthy exposure to pests is essential to your business’ success – and to your bottom line. Pests can eat away at your profits in many ways: Did you know your current pest management program could be doing more harm than good, escalating your costs each day? If you continue to see pests in your facility, your provider may be applying the wrong materials and amounts – or possibly even treating the wrong areas. Structural damage Negative customer experiences Damage to raw materials and inventory Transmission of harmful diseases Violation of health regulations Food poisoning Decrease in employee productivity and morale
Facade Cleaning Service Our customers can avail Facade Cleaning Service from us. These facade cleaning services offered by us are highly acclaimed in the market for their reliability, timely execution, flexibility, cost effectiveness and credibility. In addition to this, personnel hired by us make sure to render these facade cleaning services in accordance with the diverse requirements of esteemed clients. Total Hygiene Services providing the following Services: • Façade Glass cleaning • Aluminium panels cleaning • High Rise facade cleaning • Pressure Washing • Façade Glass fixing • Silicon Filling • Granites cleaning • Tiles cleaning • Replacement of damaged glasses and ACP • All type of façade maintenance & height work • All types of Glass related works like new glass supplying and fixing, replacement of broken glass. • Painting Services-External and Internal using Rope access system or gondola or Rig Chimney and Duct cleaning - • Work station – Partition new and old fixing works • Stainless steel tile cutting • Damaged ACP Sheet removing & Re- fixing and new fixing work • Silicon work -On all water leakage façade area and other areas with glass and ACP sheet bonding only. NO RCC/PCC structure • Sun control Film work -supplying and sticking • I-Bolts Supply and fixing • Bird Spike Supply and fixing Best Glass Cleaning in Coimbatore High rise Glass Cleaning in Coimbatore Façade Cleaning Services in Coimbatore Silicon Filling Services in Coimbatore Best ACP Cleaning Services in Coimbatore
Termite Control Tips - Remove Termite Food Sources Keep firewood, lumber or paper away from foundation or crawl space Get rid of stumps and debris near house Place screens on outside vents Check decks and wooden fences for damage Wood on your home shouldn’t contact the soil Best Termite Control Services in Coimbatore Pest Control Services in Coimbatore For Best Residential and Commercial pest Control Contact – 99947 69966.
Here are 10 tips from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to protect your greatest investment from termites: 1. Eliminate or reduce moisture in and around the home, which termites need to thrive. 2. Repair leaking faucets, water pipes and exterior AC units. 3. Repair fascia, soffits and rotted roof shingles. 4. Replace weather stripping and loose mortar around basement foundation and windows. 5. Divert water away from the house through properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks. 6. Routinely inspect the foundation of a home for signs of mud tubes (used by termites to reach a food source), uneven or bubbling paint and wood that sounds hollow when tapped. 7. Monitor all exterior areas of wood, including windows, doorframes and skirting boards for any noticeable changes. 8. Maintain an 18-inch gap between soil and any wood portions of your home. 9. Consider scheduling a professional inspection annually. Wood-boring insect damage is not covered by homeowners' insurance policies. 10. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house. Pest Control Services in Coimbatore. Best Termite control Services in Coimbatore. Contact us - 9994769966
RODENT CONTROL TIPS SIGNS OF RODENT ACTIVITY  Damaged, partially eaten fruits and nuts, such as walnuts, oranges, and avocados.  Broken snail shells under bushes, on fences or near nesting sites.  Signs of gnawing on plastic wood or rubber materials.  Greasy rub marks caused by the rat’s oily fur coming in repeated contact with painted surfaces or wooden beams.  Rodent droppings are usually signs of significant rodent activity. The droppings are randomly scattered and will normally be found close to a rat runway, feeding location, or near shelter. Droppings can be found in forced air heaters, swimming pool heater covers, and water heater closets.  Sounds (gnawing, etc.) from attic, subfloor areas and wall spaces.  Visual Sightings on utility cables, tops of fences, or in trees.  Burrows in the ground, and adjacent to sewer lines are signs of Norway rat. activity. COMMON RODENT ENTRY LOCATION  Broken or missing foundation vent screens or attic vent screens.  Overlapping roof.  Open wooden meter boxes (in older homes).  Space between roof jack and vent pipe.  Under or on sides of garage door.  Brick chimneys which have settled away from house.  Crawl hole with poorly fitted lid.  Tile roof.  Broken or open building sewers which connect to the main sanitary sewer. (Norway rats).  Toilets. (Norway rats. STEPS TO RODENT CONTROL Roof rat survival depends upon the existence of 3 basic environmental factors: (1) Food, (2) Water, and (3) Harborage STEP 1: Eliminate Food and Water Remove all potential sources of food from the premises, such as bird seed left out for birds. Routinely harvest ripe fruit and pick up all fruit that has fallen to the ground. Store pet food in metal containers with tight sealing lids and do not leave uneaten pet food outdoors. Avoid storing food in garages and storage sheds unless it is in rat-proof covered metal containers. Control snails and clean up pet feces because they are favored food items. Keep trash cans closed at all time with tightly fitted lids. Repair leaking eliminate any other faucets, sprinklers, or other piping. Keep drain covers tightly fastened and unnecessary standing water. STEP 2: Destroy Rats Rats should be snap trapped if they are inside a residence or building. Place traps near nesting areas or where rats are likely to hide. Do not place traps where children or pets will disturb or be harmed by them. Remember, snap traps are very DANGEROUS! Poisoning with baits indoors is NOT recommended because a rat may die inside the structure and create an odor and fly problem. Poison baits may be used when following recommended guidelines. Remove dead rats by placing animals in tightly sealed containers for proper disposal. Clean and disinfect the affected areas. STEP 3: Eliminate Shelter & Harborage Close all openings larger than ¼ inch to exclude rats and mice. Repair or replace damaged vent screens. Remove all trash and debris.| Stack woodpiles, lumber and household items at least 18 inches above the ground, and 12 inches away from fences and walls. Trim trees, bushes and vines at least 4 feet away from the roof. Remove heavy vegetation away from buildings and fences. Thin vegetation to allow daylight in and remove rat hiding places. STEP 4: Maintain a Rat Free Property After rats have been reduced, prevent reinfestation by keeping harborage and food sources to a minimum. We Offer Commercial Pest Control Services to Blow Industries Pest Control Services for Accommodation and Hospitality Pest Control Services for Education Facilities Pest Control Services for Food Processing Pest Control Services for Government Facilities Pest Control Services for Healthcare Facilities Pest Control Services for Manufacturing and Warehouse Pest Control Services for Property Management Pest Control Services for Restaurant Services For Free Inspection and Estimate Contact – 99947 69966. Best Commercial Pest control Provider in Coimbatore Visit –
Rodent Control Services for Restaurant, Hotel, and Food Industries WHEN IS RODENT SEASON? Rodents are active year-round, unlike many pests. However, there is usually an uptick in rodent infestations as temperatures cool every fall and winter. This is because these frightening pests are looking for shelter from the cold temperatures where they can also get quick access to food and water. The best way to avoid rodents year-round is with a year-round pest control plan that will regularly check for entry points along with a variety of other prevention methods. WHY DO I HAVE RODENTS? If rodents have made it inside of your property, they have found an entry point and have likely discovered food or water along with the shelter you’ve provided them. And they breed quickly meaning just one rodent can quickly turn into an infestation. These pests hide in a variety of areas including behind walls, in crawl spaces, attics, dark corners of cabinets, and even behind large appliances like an oven or fridge. ARE RODENTS DANGEROUS? Rodents can not only damage belongings, they can also carry a variety of serious diseases. These diseases put you and your family at serious risk. Along with that, rodents can track other pests like fleas and ticks into your home opening you up to a variety of other disease and risk factors. Needless to say, rodents are dangerous to your home and your loved ones and should be handled by professionals. HOW TO GET RID OF RODENTS? Because rodents are nocturnal, eliminating them from a property often proves difficult. Many homeowners attempt bringing a cat home, however, many are surprised to learn that cats are sometimes afraid of the quick moving pests and want nothing to do with them. Then they turn to trapping, however, without extensive knowledge of how to track them, their habits, and more, it can easily become more difficult than you originally thought. That’s when they realize, it is much easier to call American Pest whose staff has been extensively trained to know the best tactics to eliminate rodents. If you are tired of an ongoing battle against rodents, contact us today and let us take the stress off of you! For Best Rodent Control Services Mobile 99947 69966.
Sofa Cleaning services in Coimbatore Sofa Shampooing Services in Coimbatore Best Sofa Shampooing Services in Coimbatore Sofa shampooing services for Residential Sofa shampooing services for Corporate What To Expect From An Upholstery Cleaning Service An upholstery cleaning service can give run-down and tired furniture new life, but it is important that the consumer know what to look for in a company, the questions to ask, and what to expect during the process. There are different styles and sizes of furniture, and a good provider will recognize the importance of handling each piece individually rather than as a whole. A cherished couch purchased last year should receive the same level of excellence as a prized family heirloom. There are three basic steps to the process: prepping, cleaning, and finishing. Each company may have different ways of completing each step, but it ultimately boils down to those three things. The consumer wants to transform and give new life to dirty, frazzled furnishings, and a professional is invaluable when it comes to maintaining and restoring furniture as close as possible to its original state. Can a carpet cleaning expert can complete the tasks? Or is it better to find a specialist? While a carpet expert may suffice, it is a good idea to make sure the company is also an expert at providing upholstery cleaning service. Many companies are capable of providing both for their customers. So what makes a company an expert? The answer is simple: experience and education. The experienced and educated professional will know how to maintain the integrity of the fabric while completing the project. A carpet and upholstery cleaning service is capable of restoring the life to the fabrics in the home, and will specialize in more than just ridding the furniture of everyday grime and debris. In fact, many consumers will turn to this type of company when there has been fire, smoke, or water damage to household or office furniture. Even if they are only able to salvage a few pieces, it is more cost effective than having to make all new purchases. These days environmental awareness is just as important as maintaining a beautiful home. A reliable and reputable carpet and upholstery cleaning service will also be environmentally conscious of the chemicals used in the process. Not only should the chemicals be safe for disposal, but the chemicals should be non-toxic to the residents—both the family and their pets. A newborn baby should be able to crawl or sleep on the surface once completed and dry. Thorough extraction of the chemicals from the furniture is mandatory to guarantee safety to the consumer. Choosing a superior upholstery cleaning service does not have to cost a lot. A good company will charge a reasonable price that provides the customer with good value.